Animal Deterrents for Gardeners

Nothing is worse for a gardener than to have the plants and flowers they diligently took time to tend to ruined by pesky animals. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways those with a green thumb can deter pests and animals from getting in their garden. If you’re an avid gardener, check out these effective animal deterrents you need in order to adequately protect your gardens.

Contech ScarecrowMotion Activated Sprinkler Systems – The easiest way to repel animals from your growing space is with the use of a motion activated sprinkler system. They’re fairly affordable and meant to automatically turn on if motion is detected, which will scare away any animal intruder. They work particularly well at deterring critters such as stray cats, raccoons, skunks and deer. No need to call someone out to install a motion activated sprinkler system in your garden. You can purchase everything you need from a local hardware store and easily install it yourself.

Repellents – There are many different types of both chemically enhanced and natural animal deterrents you can pick up at your local home improvement store. Some are liquid based and sprayed through a nozzle, while others come in granule form which you sprinkle throughout your garden beds. Granules are usually recommended if you have a problem with critters who like to dig.

Barrier Fences – If motion activated sprinklers or repellents aren’t cutting it, you might want to look at installing a physical barrier between your plants and pests. These barriers are usually super easy to install and not as expensive as you might think. Keep in mind that deer are exceptional jumpers, so you’ll need to invest in a barrier tall enough to prevent them from jumping over. Most garden enthusiasts recommend fences at least 8 feet tall if you’ve been having a problem with deer entering your garden.

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