What to Look for in a Hydroponic Plant Germination System

Aero Flo 30 Hydroponic system

Whether you’re an experienced farmer or a city dweller creating your own space efficient urban garden, growing your own plants has never been easier. Many green-thumbs have been turning to alternative ways of gardening including hydroponically. This popular growing method doesn’t require the use of any soil at all and instead involves frequently misting the plants with nutrient infused water.

If you plan on starting your own hydro garden, you’ll first need a quality hydroponic plant germination system to grow your seedlings. Don’t know where to start? Here are a 5 things you should look for when shopping around for your hydroponic germination system in order to grow a full successful hydro garden with ease.


1.Humidity Control – Investing in a germination system with sufficient humidity control is key to growing a bountiful hydro garden. Ensure you get a system with adjustable moisture control in order to product plants with the largest and healthiest roots possible.


2.Proper Venting – You’ll want to make sure your germination system has plenty of vents on it for optimal airflow. Having an appropriate venting system makes for strong plants rich in nutrients.


3.An Airtight Lid – Also make sure your germination system comes equipped with a lid that is airtight and watertight. This is necessary in order to give your seedlings just the right amount of moisture no matter what the weather is like in your region.


4.Low Energy – Most hydroponic plant germination systems are powered by plugging them into an electrical outlet and some of them can quickly raise your electricity bill. This is why it’s important to look for a system that uses minimal energy or even choosing one that runs off solar power.


5.Adequate Drainage – A system with the right amount of drainage is essential because you don’t want your plants to get too much moisture as this could drown and kill them.

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